You discovered a secret page...

You have an eye for quality and identified that one of the fastest seeders in your torrent swarm has a domain. 🚀Are you interested in a private and fast torrenting experience too?Keep reading, then...

“Never enough bandwidth. Never enough storage. Never enough speed.”

— said every torrenter without a seedbox

Torrenting from your home PC is like dial-up internet… it sucks. You’re limited by your slow connection speed, your computer’s small storage capacity, and that literally anyone can see exactly what you’re downloading and uploading.

A seedbox can help you fix all those problems. Here’s how.

Torrents are meant to be freely shared... right?

The reality is that laws, ISP restrictions, and even the rising price of electricity can get in between you and your next download.Aren’t you tired of:

  • Waiting for 10+ hours as torrents slowly download

  • Using up all your bandwidth this month… again

  • Feeling like you’re on the brink of madness from watching that progress bar inch slowly to 99% only to stop forever

  • Deleting precious files because you ran out of storage space

  • Worrying that your hardware is going to break because it’s running 24/7

  • Being blocked from private trackers because your upload speed is too slow

Your lack of privacy is even more concerning. Without protection, you can:

  • Receive threatening DMCA notices from your ISP’s legal team for copyright violations

  • Have your internet speeds severely throttled because torrenting isn’t allowed

  • Be open to security threats because people can see what your IP address is downloading

Sure you can try a VPN. But what they won’t tell you is that it slows the speed of your uploads and downloads down to a trickle.

If you’ve been hoping for a better way to torrent…

There’s IS one! It’s called a “seedbox.”A seedbox is your second computer. Just remote. With high-speed internet. And as much storage as you need.With a seedbox:

  1. You always have great upload and download speed

  2. You have more storage and can access your files remotely

  3. You’re safe from prying eyes

And because it’s all remote… you’re always downloading and seeding. Even when your home computer is off.

What is a seedbox?

It’s a virtual computer that you access and control using your normal internet browser

It physically exists on a server, a supercomputer with blazing-fast internet speed and tons of storage.

Acts like a middleman to create distance between you and the rest of the internet.

What exactly will I get with a seedbox?

Unlimited traffic bandwidth at blazing speeds

RapidSeedbox uses a state-of-the-art network with lightning-fast internet speed. Your home internet or bandwidth does not limit you.Easily handle large files and multiple downloads. Get a good seed ratio from public & private trackers.

Store & stream files for the long-term

All seedboxes have more than a terabyte of storage that can be increased on-demand.Now you have the space to keep what you download. You’re free to torrent all day, everyday without interruptions.Easily stream using Plex. Increase your storage capacity when needed.

Peace of mind that your activity is private

Your seedbox does the torrenting. All your home computer does is download the files directly.In other words, you’re anonymous.The world sees the seedbox. Only you see what you’re downloading.

  • Built-in VPN for extra security.

  • Secure FTP file transfers and downloads.

  • Keeps your home IP private.

14-day money-back guarantee

There’s no lock-in or catch. If you don’t like it, or it feels too complicated, just hit the refund button — no human interaction required.

Real people on the support chat are waiting 24/7 to help you get setup.

You’re not banished to the reddit forums when you need help. Someone knowledgeable is ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day, every day. Whether it’s 5pm or 3am, or even Christmas.

Experience 24h torrenting without interruptions

Move the workload of torrents off your computer for good. Now you can download and seed 24/7 without worrying about speed, storage, bandwidth, or privacy.

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